JAZZPAR Artists - Uffe Markussen

   Uffe Markussen, b. Sept. 19, 1952. JAZZPAR Artist in 1990, 93, 95 and 96. Markussen performed with the JAZZPAR Nonet 1996 - Johnny Coles and Henrik Bolberg (tp, flh), Kjeld Ipsen (tb), Axel Windfeld (tuba, bass tb), Michael Hove (as, ss, cl, fl), Uffe Markussen (ts, ss, cl, b-cl, fl, picc-fl), Geri Allen (p), Palle Danielsson (b) and Lenny White (d).

   The Danish JAZZPAR committee had appointed Uffe Markussen to select and lead an additional group of horn players, on the basis of 1996 Prize Winner Geri Allen's proposals as to the instrument combination. The choice fell on five members of the Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra (DRJO), which is generally considered to consist of some of the most competent musicians in this country, as to performing jazz for larger groups, the art of ensemble playing, and the interpretation of written material. The program consisted of music written for this occasion, partly by Geri Allen, partly by the Danes Jens Winther (JAZZPAR Artist 1991), Lotte Anker and Maj-Britt Kramer.
   Over the last 20 years Uffe Markussen has acquired considerable experiences playing most types of jazz and related music. Nowadays he gives his mind to his favorite idiom: the mainstream of modern jazz. Markussen is in demand because he masters an impressive number of instruments. He has attained great experience as an ensemble musician. He is an expressive and versatile soloist, intensity and lyrical energy making him an excellent interpreter of ballads. By virtue of all these qualifications he has from 1989 been an esteemed member of the DRJO. In 1987 he received the prestigious JASA Prize.

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