JAZZPAR Artists - Thomas Clausen

   Thomas Clausen (DK), b. Oct. 5, 1949, performed with his trio featuring Gary Burton at the JAZZPAR 1990 Event.

   Tomas Clausen is one of the important jazz pianists on the European scene. His first mentor was Bill Evans, but Clausen's musical approach is clearly related also to that of Gary Burton. Working with the great vibraphonist was an old dream being fulfilled during The JAZZPAR Project.    Clausen combines ethereal impressionism with considerable rhythmic energy, thinks and feels music at the same time. An extremely versatile artist not limited to jazz in any traditional sense, Clausen is influenced by such European composers as Alban Berg. Brazilian Egberto Gismonti is another of his favorites.
   A number of Clausen's many distinctive compositions are written for vibes and piano. (His brother Bent is a well-known vibraphonist who joined The Radio Big Band at The JAZZPAR Concerts).
   The two other members of Thomas Clausen Trio, bassist Mads Vinding and drummer Alex Riel, have both been appreciated for a long time, playing with numerous groups all over the Continent. Prior to the 1990 JAZZPAR Concerts these three musicians have known each other and played together two by two for 20 years. The Trio has worked as a permanent unit since 1987, appearing on tours and at festivals, on radio and records. On this basis and contrary to many all star pick-up bands, this trio has had the opportunity to build up an outstanding interplay.

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