JAZZPAR Artists - Stan Sulzmann

   Stan Sulzmann (GB), b. 1948, was featured with Allan Botschinsky's Quintet - Allan Botschinsky (tp, flh), Jacob Fischer (g), Jesper Lundgaard (b), Alex Riel (d) - at The JAZZPAR Event 1995.

   The British soprano, alto, and tenor saxophonist, flutist, clarinetist, band leader, composer, and educator was part of a strong English input at the JAZZPAR 1995 Events - the artists from Great Britain outnumber the Americans involved. This might very well be regarded as one sign of a growing and needed appreciation of European jazz. Thus, Allan Botschinsky was asked to pick an international soloist to perform with him and a Danish all star rhythm section during The JAZZPAR Activities. His first choice fell on Stan Sulzmann, the third Briton of the 1995 program.
   The Danish trumpeter found that Sulzmann's mature improvisational skills as well as his beautiful flute and saxophone sound would match the style of the group perfectly. The two have played together on several occasions, and Botschinsky counts Sulzmann among the best and most original European jazz performers - a musician who deserves further recognition the world over. Since the mid-60s Sulzmann has worked in GB and on the Continent with a large number of important English / European / American jazz artists.

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