The Artists - Staffan Svensson

Staffan Svensson – Swedish trumpet player – born Falkenberg August 28 1963, was part of Andrew Hill JAZZPAR 2003 Nonet.

After a period of music studies 1983-87 Svensson worked hard in Europe with the Swedish ensembles Entra and Surge, the Norwegian Oslo 13, the Danish Embla, Ok nok Kongo, Copenhagen Art Ensemble and a number of other, primarily Scandinavian, artists. The result has been more than 30 record releases as a sideman.
   Staffan Svensson has been involved in jazz-electronica with the SubHarmonic Orchestra and in the meeting of contemporary classical composers with improvising musicians.
   Svensson can play a Miles Davis-like muted trumpet, but maybe more important is his ability to uniquely mix composed music and improvisation with a significant Nordic flavor. He creates modern improvised music with new sounds and forms. His music may have a somewhat profound, meditative breathing, without getting dull, music that repeatedly fascinates.    Despite standing out as an individual, Svensson has often been recognized for his work in a collective. Even when he moves through an unaccompanied solo cadence, it is as a part of an organic progression, in which the mutual musical language creates the essence. Svensson is a master of the process of interplay between the predestinated and the spontaneous – even arranged passages can have the quality of improvisation.

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