JAZZPAR Artists - Palle Mikkelborg

Palle Mikkelborg (DK), b. 1941, performed as a featured soloist with Marilyn Mazur's groups at the JAZZPAR Event 2001.

Even though Mikkelborg was nominated for The JAZZPAR Prize in 1996, this was the first time the internationally prominent musician was presented in this setting.
    To pinpoint the visionary trumpeter and composer in a few lines is hopeless. Mikkelborg has for decades been one of the major driving forces of Danish music life, irrespective of genre. He has lead and composed for the Danish Radio Big Band. He has initiated catalytic groups like Entrance. He has been into rock, fusion and contemporary music (Ives & Messiaen). He has played and recorded with top ranking musicians like Gary Peacock, Gil Evans, Hermeto Pascoal, Dino Saluzzi, NHP and many others. His grand commissioned work "Aura" became an international Grammy-award winning release for Miles Davis in the 80s.
    You name it - Mikkelborg has probably done it, driven by musical curiosity and a profound spiritual interest. In 2001 Mikkelborg received The Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl Nielsen Award as well as The Nordic Council's Music Prize.

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