JAZZPAR Artists - Palle Danielsson

   Palle Danielsson, b. Oct. 15, 1946, performed with The Geri Allen Trio - Geri Allen (p), Palle Danielsson (b), Lenny White (d) - at The JAZZPAR Activities 1996.

   The strength and serenity of his playing make Palle Danielsson one of the leading European performers on his instrument. The Swedish bass player and bandleader worked from the mid-60s with most of the Swedish elite, with Jan Garbarek, and also with many visiting American jazz artists. That we here had a bassist in a world class was definitively confirmed when Danielsson became a member of Keith Jarrett's Scandinavian quartet 1974-79. This acoustic quartet, preferred by many to Jarrett's US group of the same period, had in general a deep influence on jazz at a time otherwise characterized by electronic jazz-rock. Since then Danielsson's rock steady and sonorous playing has led to long periods of association with other groups of international status.

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