JAZZPAR Artists - Lennart Ginman

Lennart Ginman (DK), b. 1960.
   Performed with Jens Winther's JAZZPAR Group feat. Al Foster at the 1991 Event.
   Performed with Karsten Houmark Quartet feat. John Taylor at The JAZZPAR Event 1996.

In a jazz group there is generally speaking not only a need for a bassist who can play brilliant solos, but also for one who has the will and ability to back the front line with a solid beat. Lennart Ginman meets these demands to an unusual degree. In a country with so many bassists who treat their instrument with such impressive dexterity, almost as if it was a guitar, Ginman is a highly regarded exponent of a different and more robust way of playing.
    In spite of this weightiness Ginman’s delivery is supple, buoyant and stimulating. Furthermore he makes his instrument emanate the authentic sturdy, woody bass sound. He is remarkably able to empathize with the musical situation established by widely different groups. And internally in individual groups he is conscious of the many rhythmic mysteries of ensemble playing, especially the field of tension between bass and drums.

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