JAZZPAR Artists - Klavs Hovman

Klavs Hovman (DK), b. 1957, performed with Future Song at the JAZZPAR Event 2001 and in 1994 Hovman participated in the JAZZPAR Event playing and recording with Mazur's Pulse Unit.

The double bass and electric bass player also composes and arranges music, and he teaches bass and ensemble playing. He has played with Teddy Wilson, Buddy Tate, Putte Wickman, Duke Jordan, Art Farmer, Lee Konitz, John Tchicai, Thad Jones, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Mills Brothers, Dizzy Gillespie, John Abercrombie a. o. and performed and recorded with a large number of European artists including all the musicians involved in JAZZPAR 2001. Almost fifty records have Hovman on bass.

He is a versatile musician with a profound knowledge of i.e. South American music besides North American jazz of course.

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