JAZZPAR Artists - Kim Kristensen

   Kim Kristensen (DK), b. 1956, was leading his group Ildvæverne - Flemming Agerskov (tp), Jesper Zeuthen (as, b-cl), Thomas Agergaard (ts, ss, fl), Kim Kristensen (p, synth, comp), Hans Andersson (b), Peter Danemo (d) - featuring Arkady Shilkloper (fr hrn) and Gustavo Toker (band) at The JAZZPAR Event 1993.

   At the present stage of his development (1993) Kristensen's primary search for inspiration is not directed towards the Afro-American heritage of jazz. Instead he draws on classical and modern music, fusion, the ECM sound, ethnic music, etc. In that respect he is working along the same lines as a number of other excellent Scandinavian / European musicians.    Kristensen has for several years led his own quintet, Ildvæverne (The Fire Weavers). Simultaneously he contributed with some remarkable compositions to the repertoire of The Danish Radio Big Band, New Music Orchestra and Jazzgruppe 90, three important larger groups of Copenhagen jazz life.
   At The JAZZPAR 1993 Concerts Kristensen will present his music played by his quintet enlarged to eight pieces. Instead of emphasizing one single celebrity as guest soloist he chose to give priority to extended orchestral possibilities, in that way offering himself an opportunity to demonstrate his considerable gifts as a composer. Furthermore the invited soloists will bring along inspiration from other parts of the world, thereby contributing to the international approach of this octet. The original Ildvæverne is a Danish-Swedish group, the bass player and drummer being prominent examples of jazzmen coming from the prolific scene of Malmö, Copenhagen's Swedish neighboring city. This group is altogether one of the best illustrations of the amazing flow of great young talents appearing in these latitudes nowadays.    The added Dane Jesper Zeuthen is one of the most sensitive solo voices from Pierre Dørge's New Jungle Orchestra (JAZZPAR Artist and Orchestra 1991).

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