JAZZPAR Artists - John Taylor
   John Taylor (GB), b. Sept. 25, 1942, was featured with Karsten Houmark Quartet at The JAZZPAR 1996 Event.

   This pianist, bandleader, and composer has for long been one of the most prominent in English, and indeed European jazz, without reservations.
   Through the years John Taylor has written a lot of music. His declared model in that regard is his countryman Mike Gibbs. As for playing the piano he has used Bill Evans as a vital point of departure. From there on he has developed a wholly personal style characterized by long and flowing lyrical lines executed with great technical mastery. Especially on ballads his many qualities appear to advantage.
   As a result of his musical achievement and extensive activities Taylor has made a central place for himself within the English school of contemporary mainstream jazz. Since the early 60s he has worked with and been in great demand by a succession of British and European groups on the highest level. Taylor has thus been the mainstay of the English trio Azimuth.

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