JAZZPAR Artists - Jesper Thilo
   Jesper Thilo, b. Nov. 28, 1941 - JAZZPAR Artist 1990 - performed with his JAZZPAR Combo 1991 - Jesper Thilo (ts), Hugo Rasmussen (b), and Svend-Erik Nørregård (d) - featuring guitarist Doug Raney and pianist Hank Jones as special international soloist.

   Thilo is a Danish tenor, alto, and soprano saxophonist, clarinetist, bass clarinetist, flutist, and bandleader with an international reputation. He is in brilliant command of all reed instruments but prefers the tenor.
   Having played with leading Danish mainstream combos, he became a member of Denmark's Radio Big Band in 1966, being immediately one of its most featured soloists. Still a key member, Thilo left to concentrate on small group playing. He has also worked with a long list of visiting American stars.
   Influenced by most of the swing greats, the obvious qualities in Thilo's playing are his formidable versatility and instrumental abilities, his warm jazz enthusiasm and sincere admiration for his inspirators and mentors. His zest for playing seems inexhaustible. Listening to him, you get the feeling that he knows and is prepared to do everything. Thilo is a true eclectic who through the years easily has picked up, digested, and mastered the tradition from Armstrong to Coltrane. He has shaped his musical language into a more and more personal way of expression. Today, traces of Zoot Sims, Lockjaw Davis, and others, are merging with his own maturing originality. Jesper Thilo is a Danish jazz cornerstone.
   At The JAZZPAR 1991 Concerts Thilo presented a group of old friends and partners, all of them stalwarts within Danish jazz. Doug Raney is son of the famous American guitar player Jimmy Raney, who together with Jim Hall has been the model for the younger player's subdued lyrical style. Working with many established stars, Raney is known from a number of records and from tours all over Europe.

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