JAZZPAR Artists - Iain Ballamy
   Iain Ballamy (UK), b. 1964, participated in Django Bates' Human Chain Plus and Delightful Precipice at the JAZZPAR 97 Event.

   Iain is son of pianist Mark Ballamy. As a saxophone player Iain is largely self-taught. He has performed with many of Britain's leading jazz artists as well as an impressive number of US high-ups. He has also studied in and forged strong working relationships with renowned musicians from other parts of the world, India, Africa, South America etc. An outstanding and original player as well as writer, recognizable because of his whole approach that includes a personal sound and melodic buoyant phrasing. Certainly not dominated by the usual trendsetters of US jazz but absorbed by wide ranging interests that add depth and inventiveness to his music. "Ballamy has been Django's creative foil and sparring partner for many years.    Sharing Django's anarchic, surrealist but eminently fun loving approach to music and life, Iain has played a major role in many of Django's previous projects" (Human Chain press release). Ballamy can be heard on more than 30 CDs and LPs.

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