JAZZPAR Artists - Henrik Simonsen
   Henrik Simonsen (DK), b. 1953, was part of Erling Kroners "Dream Quintet" with Quique Sinesi (g) and featuring Dino Saluzzi (band) at the JAZZPAR 1998 Project.

   Simonsen has been the regular drummer in Kroner's various groups for 17 years and he has played with Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Red Rodney and many others beside leading Danish groups, many documented on records. Simonsen's discreet light touches make him the perfect small-group drummer, attentive and with an insistent drive. His experience and understanding of Kroner's universe is of the utmost importance for the group. Simonsen demonstrates the rare and under-appreciated ability never to overplay.

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