JAZZPAR Artists - Hans Ulrik
   Hans Ulrik, b. 1966, was the Danish bandleader at the JAZZPAR 99 Project. His JAZZPAR Combo consisted of: Hans Ulrik (s), John Scofield (g), Lars Danielsson (b) and Peter Erskine (d).
   Hans Ulrik was also member of Marilyn Mazur's Pulse Unit at The JAZZPAR 1994 Event and he is a permanent member of Mazur's Future Song which performed during the JAZZPAR Event 2001.

   Hans Ulrik is one of the new big-toned Danish tenor lions. His style is lyrical based on melody, groove and intimacy. Though his technical skill is superb he will not cram you with difficult music but rather make simple powerful statements. He is much in demand on the Scandinavian scene and on recordings as a sideman. A handful of record releases in his own name show Ulrik's versatility as a composer in an easy recognizable Scandinavian style and as a personal interpreter of jazz standards.

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