JAZZPAR Artists - Gustavo Toker
   Gustavo Toker (ARG) - bandonéonist, composer and teacher, b. 1959 - was together with Arkady Shilkloper featured with Kim Kristensen's group Ildvæverne at The JAZZPAR Event 1993.

   The fusion of jazz, genuine Argentine tango, and South American folklore has been a highly fruitful trend during the last decades. Jazz and tango - obvious differences but also similarities are in evidence, for instance as to displacements of pitch and rhythm. Gustavo Toker represents the latest offshoot of this growing tradition - a true virtuoso playing the small bandonéon with the beautiful sound - he may be the most imaginative and sensitive Argentine musician of his generation. Toker has recorded and toured with his remarkable trio Semblanza. In Denmark he has been a featured soloist with The Danish Radio Big Band and with The Dark Side Orchestra led by Erling Kroner (JAZZPAR Artist 1992). At present Toker is living in Holland.

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