The Artists - Gianluca Petrella

Gianluca (Giovanni) Petrella - Italian trombone player born March 1975 in Bari - was part of Prize Winner Enrico Rava's JAZZPAR 2002 Sextet.

Petrella graduated from the Conservatory of Bari in 1994 – a year after initiating a long-term collaboration with soprano saxophone player Roberto Ottaviano, recording the project „Koinè“ with Michel Godard (tuba), Tom Varner (french horn) and Marcello Magliocchi (percussion). He also took part in a discographical project with American saxophonist Greg Osby as special guest. In 1995 he played under the direction of Carla Bley, Steve Coleman and Bruno Tommaso as member of O.F.P. Orchestra. For a short period in 1997, Petrella lived in Germany collaborating with several local and Dutch musicians.
   Previous to the JAZZPAR Project he had often played with Enrico Rava, with whom he toured Canada during the summer of 1997. Another touring group is Noisemakers led by drummer Roberto Gatto.
   Petrella has also played with Steve Swallow, Joy Calderazzo, Jimmy Owens, Bob Moses, Klaus Suonsaari, Lester Bowie, Han Bennink, Roberto Gatto, Gianluigi Trovesi, Enrico Pieranunzi, Paolo Fresu... His collaboration with DJ and producer Nicola Conte goes under the phrase “nu-jazz”. For a while Petrella incorporated electronics in his music and ventured into the Italian acid jazz scene.
   The young outstanding trombone player has already performed at numerous international festivals and can be heard on half a dozen records.
The Italian magazine Musica Jazz elected Gianluca Petrella as “Best New Talent” in their 2001 “Top Jazz” poll.

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