The Artists - Geraldine Keller

Geraldine Keller – French soprano vocalist, born December 7 1966 in Stras-bourg – was part of Thomas Agergaard's JAZZPAR 2002 Octet.

Geraldine Keller approaches her instrument – the voice – in many ways.    She was initially trained in Visual Arts, preoccupied with the relation between costume and the dancing body seen as a moving sculpture. She has studied voice, jazz and contemporary vocal repertoire at the Music Academy of Strasbourg as well as complementary studies in contemporary dance and theatre.
   Her repertoire ranges from medieval music to contemporary pieces and underlines the complementarity of written and improvised music. She has explored the fields of improvisational music in connection with theatre, dance and poetry, collaborating with several companies in Europe. Her vocal journeys focus on ways to sculpt the sound.
   Geraldine Keller divides her “research” between traditional singing techniques, classical contemporary music and the exploration of improvised music with different groups. She has participated in numerous festivals and musical, theatrical and choreographic projects throughout Europe, including the interpretation of the music of John Cage and Karl-Heinz Stockhausen. A handful of CDs document her work.

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