JAZZPAR Artists - Delightful Precipice
   The JAZZPAR 97 version of Delightful Precipice featuring Iain Ballamy

   Lineup: Iain Ballamy (s), Nicolaj Schultz (fl, b-fl), Flemming Madsen (cl, b-cl), Christina von Bülow, Jan zum Vohrde (ss, as), Tomas Franck (ts, cl), Uffe Markussen (ts, picc-fl), Michael Hove (ss, bs), Jan Kohlin, Henrik Bolberg (tp), Terje Aadne (Fr hrn), Vincent Nilsson (tb), Klaus Löhrer (b-tb), Axel Vindfeld (tuba), Django Bates (kb, peck hrn), Nicolaj Bentzon (p), Anders Chico Lindvall (el g), Michael Mondesir (el b), Martin France (d, el d), Ethan Weisgard (perc).

   "... the emergence of the 'Loose Tubes generation' of players, all determined to evolve away from the seductive grip of American influences... ranging into African music, classical music, circus music, cartoon-strip music, waltzes, surreal, careering funk..." (John Fordham in a press release). If the Moldy Figs (traditionalists) of British jazz didn't turn their backs to Loose Tubes, they did so for sure to Django Bates' Delightful Precipice, his follow-up to The Tubes. On the other hand, this music is gaining a growing number of enthusiastic followers all over the world. But is it jazz? An uninteresting matter of definition. Bates writes exorbitantly, immensely, amazingly eventful music. (His latest CD, the conglomeratic masterpiece "Here Is The News", is suggested filed under Jazz, Django Bates, Contemporary, and Classical.) What the Loose Tubes generation promised is fulfilled now.
   Now the question is whether the same can be said about The JAZZPAR version of Delightful Precipice compared with one of the ensembles Bates worked with during his October visit here. The instrumentation is the same. Apart from the inclusion this time of all four members of Human Chain, only one of the musicians has been replaced. The flute player, one more saxophonist, and the French horn player are again this time called in to meet the Delightful instrumentation. The rest of the band is drawn from The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra. These musicians are some of our most accomplished ensemble players. And for sure, they will need all their experience - as well as the considerably prolonged rehearsal time - this year interpreting Django Bates' exuberant music.

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