JAZZPAR Artists - Benita Haastrup

Benita Haastrup (DK), b. 1964, performed with Marilyn Mazur's Percussion Paradise at the JAZZPAR Concerts 2001.

The drummer, percussionist, educator and composer graduated from Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen in 1992 and received The Ben Webster Prize in 98.

She has performed with Richard Boone, Idrees Suliemann, Johnny Griffin, Muhal Richard Abrams (the very first JAZZPAR Prize Winner 1990), Duke Jordan, apart from all those born in Denmark. Currently she plays in a quartet with British Andy Sheppard, with expatriate John Tchicai in California, and Danish groups like Sophisticated Ladies, Ghanaian Inspiration and Today - the last group playing Irish rock.

Haastrup appears on a dozen records.

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