JAZZPAR Artists - Audun Kleive

Audun Kleive (N), b. 1961, performed with The New Jungle Orchestra and David Murray at the JAZZPAR Concerts 1991 and with Future Song at the JAZZPAR Concerts 2001.

Kleive has frequently visited Scandinavian venues with some of the most creative groups like Jøkleba, Magnetic North Orch., Oslo 13, Entra Live and Terje Rypdals Chaser. Kleive's dynamic range and musical sensibility is fabulous. With great enthusiasm he draws on experiences from techno- and experimental jazz and carves out music of today. His performances are controlled, subtle and have several layers of soundscapes. One moment he supports majestic music developing into thunderous force, the next moment he surprisingly takes a playful childish detour. He plays on numerous releases and also performs as solo artist. In 1998 Kleive won the Kongsberg Jazzfestival's Musicians Award.

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